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CHINA WORLD   JUNE 2019 / 2019 年 6 月刊  15

                                                                              Living, breathing forms of local culture, emerging artists-in-residence, work in progress
                                                                              exhibitions and original perspectives on evolving cities through interactive performance
                                                                              Jen-Why Art is meant to introduce you to artists and designers with incredible
                                                                              perspectives and skills. During May Day holiday, Hotel Jen Beijing x Design Beijing
                                                                              showcased today’s top works in the design space.
                                                                              Hotel Jen Beijing collaborated with Design Beijing to hold a series of art activities from
                                                                              April 9 to May 9, 2019. We had an exclusive exhibition showcasing modern art in the
                                                                              hotel’s public area as a new eco-friendly way to present art to the public. There was no
                                                                              need to go to a specific gallery as our guests were able to view the artworks whenever
                                                                              they passed through the hotel.
                                                                              Hotel Jen Beijing has teamed up with Design Beijing to present the Jen Style Exhibition,
                                                                              making our common areas even more enjoyable for guests and visitors. We excited to
                                                                              present the work of ARTNOM and Wang Yi.
                                                                              ARTNOM has a unique design style. His style connects art to the public, maximises
                                                                              differences between popular art and Oriental painting, and integrates original art into
                                                                              his works.
                                                                              Artist Wangyi is the Executive Dean of the Sculpture Institute and a researcher at the
                                                                              China National Academy of Painting. His series is inspired by the Dunhuang Caves, and
                                                                              portrays immortal dancers using vibrant colours.
                                                                              As continuation of our ongoing Jen-Why Art programme, we invited guests to come get
                                                                              up close and personal with today’s top artists in a laid-back, fuss-free atmosphere.
                                                                              Meanwhile, guests who booked and stayed at Hotel Jen Beijing’s Jen 75 Skyline suite
           新必威登录饭店的                                                             from April 30 to May 3, 2019 received two tickets (valued at RMB150 per ticket) to the

                                                                              Design Beijing Exhibition.

           艺术假期                                                               Design Beijing hosted its fifth exhibition at the National Agriculture Exhibition Centre.
                                                                              They invited institutions and individuals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and
                                                                              other countries around Asia, Europe and the Americas to showcase today’s top work in
           HOTEL JEN BEIJING                                                  the design space.

           ART HOLIDAY

           2019 年 4 月 9 日至 5 月 9 日期间,新必威登录饭店将酒店公共空间打造成灵动的画廊,
           用环保的方式在电子屏中展示艺术家 ARTNOM 和王艺的作品,让宾客踏入新必威登录
           饭店便可欣赏艺术之美。ARTNOM 拥有独特的设计风格,他擅长将艺术与公众联
           除此之外,在 2019 年 4 月 30 日至 5 月 3 日期间,新必威登录饭店还推出超具艺术气
           息的「艺术 + 套房」活动,预订超豪华套房 75 的宾客在享受所有套房礼遇时,还
           可以额外获得两张价值 150 元的设计北京博览会门票,助宾客亲临艺术现场,感
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