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                                                                            STAY WITH HOTEL JEN BEIJING

                                                                            THIS DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL

                                                                            With the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, how can we enjoy our life during the long-
                                                                            awaited holiday? Hotel Jen Beijing gives you the answer! The Suite Life, Eat Fresh, Party
                                                                            Time, Get Moving and Select a Gift…  Whatever your choice, just seize the stay with Hotel
                                                                            Jen Beijing.

           做一场好梦 THE SUITE LIFE

           新必威登录饭店的超豪华套房 75 拥有约 75 米的超宽敞空间,包含三五堂自助早餐、
           三五堂自助晚餐、5 点 30 分至 7 点 30 分三五堂特选酒水畅饮。当然,入住超豪
           华套房 75 的宾客还可以无限次享受炼·工场,同时宾客还可在炼·工场 Spa 享受
           85 折优惠。而且,入住套房的宾客还可以全天使用众·社联合办公空间,并可享
           In the morning and afternoon, the bathroom is soaked in natural daylight – enjoy a
           rainforest shower and a bathtub with an open view. Perks of the Jen 75 Skyline includes   锻炼好身体 GET MOVING
           unlimited access to our co-working space, Prototype, and gym, Trainyard and enjoy San
           Wu Tang breakfast and dinner buffet.                               美食美酒过后,不妨前往位于酒店 4 层至 5 层的超大健身中心炼·工场。约 3500
                                                                              平米的宽广面积包含约 25 米的日光城景泳池,5 间充分采光的操课教室,按照功
                                吃一顿好饭 EAT LOCAL
                                                                              能划分的多个健身区域和先进的训练设施,标准的 MMA 拳击训练台和超多台健
                                  节日拒绝平平淡淡,聚会就要大吃大喝!入住超豪华                     身设备。入住超豪华套房 75 的宾客可以无限次使用炼·工
                                   套房 75 可享受三五堂自助晚餐,品味地道的北京                   场和泳池区域,并可提前预约团课项目,享受团课乐趣。
                                   小吃和东南亚美食,还有新晋上市的牦牛麻辣烫、                     Spread across two levels, our 24-hour fitness centre,
                                   青稞牦牛煎饼,招牌红烧猪蹄等等特色美食等着你                     Trainyard, provides about 3,500 square metres of
                                  的到来!                                        space, including a sunny indoor swimming pool, an

                                 Enjoy buffet dinner, authentic Beijing snacks and South   MMA boxing ring, five fitness studios and the latest
                              East Asian delicacies, as well as newly listed Taste Highland   training amenities.
           Flavours at San Wu Tang and our signature food like pancakes, Braised Pork Trotter with
           Supreme Soy Sauce and so on.
           饮几杯好酒 PARTY TIME                                                                         送一个好礼物 SELECT A GIFT

           夜晚时间,不妨来鲜啤吧感受一下精酿啤酒的魅力。这里的精酿啤酒全部由来自                                                      惜当时得令矜贵食材,赏百世流芳传统滋味,新必威登录
           澳大利亚的酿酒大师亲自制作,十余款超高人气的精酿啤酒在此推出。每日还有                                                     饭店饱含真挚问候,以端午粽子礼盒传递心意。精选
           啤犬欢乐时光,即周一至周五晚间 5 点至 7 点,周六至周日中午 11 点至晚间 7 点,                                          四海佳节美味,以五彩瑞兽点缀,呈现唤醒味蕾的香传
           所有精酿啤酒及苹果酒、店选杯装葡萄酒和店选烈酒买一得二。除此之外,每周                                                 粽礼盒和当传统的豆沙粽遇上小清新的抹茶红豆粽,不同的
           二至每周六还有驻唱乐队 Soul Shake 带来现场表演,震撼你的感官!                              香甜都可入心,更有“网红”台式卤肉粽的福香粽礼盒供你选择!趁着端午之际,
           Beersmith Gastropub is the popular microbrewery in Beijing’s       与家人、朋友一同享受这饱含温情的粽子吧。
           CBD, serving up to more than 10 craft beers daily                  Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Hotel Jen Beijing’s Rice Dumpling sets, made with
           along with Western pub cuisine. We also have                       love by the chefs at the Shangri-La Group to pay tribute to the group’s Chinese heritage.
           Mad Dog Happy Hour for all craft beer and                          There are two gift boxes available: one is an assortment of fillings, including XO sauce,
           cider, house wine by the glass and house                           red bean paste and more, all wrapped in a beautiful gift box that Festive Gift Box, and
           spirits. Buy 1, get 1 free beer from Monday to                     the other is the refined and assorted Fortune Gift Box, a blend of traditional and modern,
           Friday, 5 pm to 7 pm, and on Saturday and                          where classic fillings like red bean paste come together with matcha.
           Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. From Tuesday                            更多客房详情请致电 +86 10 6505 8866
           to Saturday, break out your best dance moves                       更多粽子详情请致电 +86 10 6505 2277 转 6612
           to some of the best pop, funk, soul and jazz hits,                 For more Suite Room details or booking, please contact +86 10 6505 8866.
           played live by our in-house band, Soul Shake.                      For more gift box orders or enquiries, please contact +86 10 6505 2277 ext. 6612
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