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           伯爵 PIAGET

           牌作品呈现出超凡迷人、璀璨夺目的典雅气质。1874 年,乔治·伯爵先生在 La C?te-aux-
           Fées 的家族农舍中成立了制表工坊,开始制造精密腕表机芯,自此,他开创了品牌的创作历
           史。1943 年,伯爵家族做了一个重要的决定:将伯爵登记注册商标。这对品牌未来有着深
           20 世纪 50 年代末,伯爵秉承创新精神,着手设计和生产超薄机芯,并将其发展成为品牌的
           拥有逾 140 载丰硕历史的伯爵如今仍然高瞻远瞩,不断革新,打造灵动珠宝、非凡腕表与璀
                SL2030 南区二层 , L2, South Zone
                                      The unique allure of Piaget lies in the audacity of its style:
                                      Charismatic, flamboyant and dazzling watch and jewelry creations
                                      embody the radiance that defines the maison.
                                      This passion for daring creativity was born in La
                                      C?te-aux-Fées in 1874, where Georges-Edouard
                                      Piaget set up his first workshop in the family
                                      farmhouse and devoted himself to producing
                                      high-precision movements.
                                      In 1943, the company took a decision that would
                                      prove crucial to its future by registering its brand
           name. Faithful to its pioneering spirit, in the late 1950s Piaget set about designing
           and manufacturing the ultra-thin movements that would become one of the maison’s
           signatures and leave a lasting imprint on the art of watchmaking.
           Piaget has also always represented a style: a marriage of gold and an explosion of
           color, new shapes, precious gems and dials made of hard stones.
           Swept to new heights of creativity driven by Yves G. Piaget, the maison’s jewelry collection grew in
           an original direction with a resolute emphasis on color, giving birth to the iconic Piaget look. Building
           on over 140 years of history, the ever-bold maison continues to innovate by offering jewels in
           motion, elegant and extravagant high jewelry collections as well as remarkable watches. In a world
           unconstrained by boundaries, Piaget the watchmaker-jeweler continues to explore unexpected creative
           possibilities, turning gold, stones and gems into brilliant works of art.

                                                                                                 沛纳海 PANERAI

                                                                                                 Luminor 1950 聚合了沛纳海研制计时工具的成果,而此
                                                                                                 款 Luminor Due 的造型正是参照 Luminor 1950 的表壳
                                                                                                 设计。 所有元素均直接传承品牌的历史,在设计上略加
                                                                                                     CL2007 中区二层 , L2, South Zone
                                                                                                      (86-10) 8587 8121
                                                                                                 The lines of the Luminor Due are inspired by the Luminor
                                                                                                 1950 case, which represents the culmination of luxury Italian
                                                                                                 watch manufacturer Panerai's creations. All the elements
                                                                                                 originate directly from the history of the brand and they
                                                                                                 have all been subtly redesigned to emphasize the versatility
                                                                                                 of a watch which is a synthesis of sporting spirit and the
                                                                                                 ability to wear it for more elegant and special occasions.
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