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           法国都彭:致敬莫奈                                                          JOSEPH:实用衣橱

           《印象·日出》是 20 世纪最具影响力的艺术家克劳德·莫奈创作的一幅油画。                              JOSEPH 是英国最受欢迎的高级
           这幅作品仅耗费数小时便创作而成,展现出非比寻常的自由度,成为印象主义                                 成衣品牌之一  。崇尚别致与时髦
           的代表作品。                                                             的精神,与来自全球各个角落的能
           画作创作于 1872 年 11 月 13 日,同年,25 岁的西蒙·迪索 - 都彭创立了法                      工巧匠合作,以画廊主般高超的审
           国都彭,这位富有远见的工匠和莫奈一样,沉醉于充满创意和创新精神的时代                                 美眼光重新定义了每一个服饰类
           氛围中。                                                               别。JOSEPH 主 打 实 用 衣 橱 的 概
           为了纪念莫奈和颇具开创意义的《印象·日出》,法国都彭推出独家限量系列,                                念,以质感非凡的面料、出人意料
           展示其漆艺大师的独特工艺。本限量版系列工艺精湛,内含蓝焰色天然漆面                                  的细节和高超时髦的品位演绎经典
           并饰有黄金元素的 Line  2 打火机和书写工具。每件产品均饰有手工绘制的莫                            的实用服饰,业已发展为享誉全球
           奈《印象·日出》画作,所用颜料均为能反映原画气质的标志性色彩。绮丽                                  的当代设计师品牌。
           缥缈的蓝色与日出的橙色融为一体,为整个系列赋予绚烂迷人的气质。                                        SL3022 南区三层 ,
           书写工具套装包含一支 Line D 书写笔和一个护照皮封,饰有莫奈画作的精美                                   L3, South Zone
           细节。烟具套装包含天然漆面的石楠烟斗和 Line 2 打火机,并配有美丽传统
           的法国都彭黑色漆盒包装。Line 2 打火机配有管式燃烧器。
           这一独特的套装限量发售 1872 件。对于热衷欣赏或收藏莫奈作品的爱好者来                              JOSEPH’S PRAGMATIC WARDROBE
                                                                              Joseph is a fashion brand and retail chain that was established in London by Moroccan
                WB118 中区地下一层 , B1, Central Zone        (86-10) 6587 1511
                                                                              entrepreneur Joseph Ettedgui and his family in 1972. Slick and chic, Joseph employs
                                                                              trusted craftsmen from all corners of the globe to redefine each wardrobe category with a
                                                                              gallerist’s eye.
                                                                              Joseph boasts a pragmatic wardrobe, reworking classic utilitarian garments through
                                                                              luxurious fabrications, unexpected details and personal insights. The Joseph collection has
                                                                              grown to become a contemporary designer brand respected worldwide.

                                                                              VIVIENNE TAM: 爱之色彩

                                                                              2019 春夏,Vivienne Tam 展现水流般的春日色彩与耀目的盛夏霓虹。本系列
                                                                              Vivienne Tam 谈及这一季的作品,她说 :“混纺材质包含着对东南亚的感受,轻
           S.T. DUPONT HONORS CLAUDE MONET                                        SL3010 南区三层 , L3, South Zone
           "Impression, soleil levant," or "Impression, Sunrise," is the iconic 20th century painting by  VIVIENNE TAM: COLOR OF LOVE

           Claude Monet. Painted in just a few hours, this fleeting image enchants the viewer with   The Color Of Love, Vivienne Tam's spring/summer 2019 collection, exhibits a waterfall of
           its glowing sense of freedom. The painting has come today to symbolize the Impressionist   hues ranging from shades of neutral blue for the spring, to bold and eye-popping neon
           movement.                                                          accents for high summer.
           "Impression, Sunrise" was painted on November 13, 1872. That year also saw the   In its entirety, The Color Of Love can be envisioned perfectly paired for It Girls off to summer
           founding of S.T. Dupont by 25-year-old Simon Tissot-Dupont, a visionary artisan equally   destinations like Bali or The Hamptons.
           immersed in the era's profound creativity and innovation.          “It’s about mixing fabrics to embody the feeling of Southeast Asia – feelings of lightness and
           In honor of the anniversary the French luxury creator shares with Monet's ground-  rejuvenation!” Vivienne Tam says of her new collection.
           breaking work, S.T. Dupont salutes "Impression, Sunrise" in an exceptional limited edition
           showcasing the unique expertise of its master lacquerers.
           Drawing on its own exceptional artisanship, this limited edition highlights a Line 2 lighter
           and writing instruments featuring blue-flamed natural lacquer with yellow gold finishes.
           On each piece, Monet's "Impression, Sunrise" is meticulously hand painted in pigments
           that reflect the original painting. The magnificently shifting blues together with the orange
           of the rising sun make this a particularly luminous collection.
           S.T. Dupont also offers a stylish writing kit with a Line D pen and a passport cover,
           delicately embossed with a detail from Monet’s artwork. A briarwood pipe made of
           natural lacquer together with the Line 2 lighter compose the smoking kit presented in a
           beautiful traditional S.T. Dupont black lacquered box. The Line 2 Lighter is equipped with a
           pipe burner.
           This unique collection is limited to 1,872 pieces: the perfect limited edition for an admirer
           who appreciates or collects the works of Claude Monet.
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