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           必威登录中心召开 2018 年度节能环保






           2019 年 4 月 22 日下午,必威登录中心成功召开了“2018 年度节能环保和技术创新总                      China World Trade Center held the 2018 Conference on Energy Conservation,
           结会”,必威登录中心领导及节能委员会委员出席会议。节能办公室汇报了有限公司及                               Environmental Protection and Technological Innovation on the afternoon of April 22. Leaders
           股份公司 2018 年度的能耗情况、重大节能改造项目实施情况及节能工作获奖情况,                           of China World Trade Center and members of the energy conservation commission attended
           同时介绍了 2019 年节能环保工作重点和创新课题研究计划等工作内容。                                the conference.
           汇报内容显示,有限公司受新区开业影响,虽然 2018 年度能耗总量及能源费用均                            The energy conservation office made a 2018 work report on energy consumption, the
           略有增长,但电力、燃气、外购热力等能源消耗均呈下降趋势。股份公司也因新区                               energy conservation restructuring project and energy conservation awards for both the
           开业因素影响,能耗总量及能源费用均比去年同期有明显增加,但扣除新区等不可                               China World Trade Center Ltd (hereinafter “CWTC Holdco”) and China World Trade Center
           比因素后,股份公司 2018 年度电力、热力、燃气等能源及水资源消耗总量均比去                            Co., Ltd (hereinafter “CWTC Listco.”). At the same time, they introduced key work plans
           年同期明显下降,节能效果显著。                                                    on energy conservation, environmental protection and research topic on technological
                                                                              innovation for the companies in 2019.
                                                                              According to the work report, CWTC Holdco’s total energy consumption and expenses
                                                                              increased slightly in 2018 due to the opening of the new wing, but electricity and gas has
                                                                              shown downward trend. It was a similar situation at the CWTC Listco. Although the total
                                                                              energy consumption and expenses increased compared to last year, CWTC Listco’s electricity,
                                                                              heating, gas and water consumption actually decreased significantly in 2018 compared to
                                                                              the same period last year.
                                                                              Leaders participating in the conference praised these energy conservation achievements
                                                                              and proposed new requirements and suggestions from fresh perspectives such as operating
                                                                              demand. The leaders stated that for energy conservation tasks, the China World Trade
                                                                              Center should make sufficient use of governmental funding and optimize application for
                                                                              that funding.
           会上,参会领导对 2018 年度必威登录中心节能工作取得的成绩表达了充分的肯定,同                            They also encouraged China World Trade Center’s staff to make visit to other leaders in
           时也从经营需求等方面对节能工作的开展提出了新的要求和建议。参会领导表示,                               the field to learn new technologies and methods to reduce operating costs and further
           必威登录中心节能工作要充分用好政府发放的节能奖励资金、完善奖励金的使用制度,                               strengthen the technological deployment of energy conservation and consumption reduction
           同时通过学习考察进一步加大科技手段在节能降耗领域中的应用,利用新技术、新                               at the complex. The China World Trade Center will take on more social responsibility in 2019
           方法降低企业运营成本等。另外,2019 年必威登录中心的节能环保工作要承担起更多                             for energy conservation and environmental protection, keep studying and making progress
           的社会责任,在节能减排方面努力钻研、不断进取、争创第一。                                       to maintain a benchmark in the field of energy conservation and emissions reductions.
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