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                                                                              MEDITERRANEAN LIFESTYLE

                                                                              @ MIGAS MERCADO

                                                                              Mercado 坐拥极致景观,灵感源自巴塞罗那特色美食市场,开启多区域体验。
                                                                              米家思 Mercado 从上午 11:30 至深夜,提供多种地中海美食菜单、葡萄酒及鸡尾酒。

                                                                              Mediterranean culture is about an incomparable passion and fun. In Beijing, the Migas
                                                                              team’s dedication to modern Mediterranean art, design, gastronomy, mixology and high-
                                                                              quality music promotes a lifestyle of unforgettable experiences. Inspired by traditional
                                                                              Barcelona food markets, Migas Mercado is a bustling complex that boasts a breathtaking
                                                                              view of Beijing landmarks. Enjoy a spectacular view any time of day of the Beijing skyline,
                                                                              the iconic China Central Television tower and the surrounding business district. Opening
                                                                              11:30am and closing late, Migas Mercado abounds with marvelous Mediterranean
                                                                              dishes, wines and cocktails.

           多种菜单 DIVERSE MENU                                                  夜生活 NIGHTLIFE

           包括了西班牙塔帕斯、多样海鲜及肉类、经典米家思海鲜饭,及原创的亚欧融合菜肴。                             每一夜,精彩融汇于米家思 MERCADO 露台。
           At Migas Mercado you will find traditional Spanish tapas, imported seafood, inhouse aged   Every night something’s happening at Migas Mercado, especially at the balcony.
           premium Wagyu beef, classic paellas and other surprising creations mixing ingredients and
           flavors from Europe and Asia.
                                                                               Mondays: Cuban salsa dancing all night!
             商务午餐:118 元起,每周一至周五 11:30-14:30                                    星期二:起源于安哥拉,舞步缓健,易学易会。
             Set lunch: From 118 yuan, 11:30 am-2:30 pm Monday to Friday       Tuesdays: Kizomba hails from Angola. It’s slow, steady and easy to learn.

             下午茶:268 元起,每日 14:00-17:00                                         星期三:DJ Maclarry 将 Afro 和 House 两种音乐风格完美融合。
             Afternoon tea: From 268 yuan, 2-5 pm daily                        Wednesdays: DJ Larry aka MacLarry successfully fuses two genres, House and Afro,
                                                                               with his own personal touch.
             正餐: 每周一至周五 11:30-14:30;17:30-22:00;
                                                                               星期四:来自法国的老搭档组成的 LFO84,将舞台变成音乐玩具屋。
                        每周六及周日 17:30-22:00
                                                                               Thursdays: LFO84 is a trio of old French accomplices. The stage is like their toy room
             Gastro menu: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30-10 pm daily
                                                                               of magical instruments.
             无限量塔帕斯早午餐:每位 298 元,每周六及周日 11:30-14:30
                                                                               每周五及周六:顶级 DJ,花样主题,派对放肆嗨!
             Unlimited tapas brunch: 298 yuan a person, 11:30-2:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday
                                                                               Friday & Saturday: Themed parties with the best local and international DJs. Have a blast!
             塔帕斯小吃:每日 11:30-00:00(周日至 22 点)
             Tapas: 11:30 am-midnight, Monday-Saturday 11:30-10 pm Sunday

           酒单 DRINKS

           鸡尾酒单,包括创新经典、米家思钟爱系列、                                               理想场所 IDEAL EVENT VENUE
                                                                              米家思 Mercado 室内场地 500 平方米,露台超过三百八十平米,席位逾二百四十,
           Migas Mercado boasts a copious drinks menu
           and a long, delightful, mostly Spanish wine list.
           Migas cocktails mastermind Francesco Angotti
                                                                              From company dinners to birthdays, weddings, shootings, fashion shows, meetings,
           offers a special menu including classics with a
                                                                              farewells or any other event that you might have in mind, Migas Mercado is ready.
           twist, Migas all-time favorites and brand new
                                                                              Migas Mercado counts on an indoor space of over 500 square meters and an outdoor
           creations. Of course non-alcoholic options are
                                                                              balcony of about 380 square meters, with more than 240 seats.
           available too.
                                                                                  NL7003 北区七层 ,  L7, North Zone         (86-10) 6500 7579
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