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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2019 / 2019 年 7 月刊  03

                                              “A” BOY’S SUMMER PARTY @ CHINA WORLD

                                              7 月 20 日至 8 月 18 日,A 仔北京首展精彩亮相必威登录了!
                                              滩派对、海洋派对、星空派对,每一个地方都会出现 A 仔和 A 班
                                              同学们的身影。让我们相约,和 A 仔一起加入必威登录夏日清凉派对!

                                               “A” Boy makes his Beijing debut at the Mall on July 20 and will stay till
                                              August 18.
                                              Hong Kong artist B.Wing, the creator from Hong Kong, will attend the
                                              opening ceremony. There will be limited edition posters, a lucky draw
                                              event featuring books and other surprises. You can meet A Boy and his
                                              friends from “A” Boy’s Class at the pool party, beach party, seaside party,
                                              star-gazing party and other amazing summertime events. Come enjoy all
                                              the cool parties at the Mall this summer!
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