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                          必威登录名表熠熠生辉 ( 四 ) STUNNING TIMEPIECES IIII @ CHINA WORLD MALL

                                                                              VACHERON CONSTANTIN: STUNNING TIMEPIECE

                                                                              Vacheron Constantin: “Do better if possible and that is always possible.”
                                                                              Fran?ois Constantin uttered these words on July 5, 1819. Now legendary, they speak
                                                                              volumes about the spirit of Vacheron Constantin. Over the centuries, the company has
                                                                              shrewdly intertwined tradition with innovation to acquire the technical, aesthetic, artistic
                                                                              and human capital that gives each customer, whether enthusiast, expert or collector, a
                                                                              unique vision of time.
                                                                              The brand’s philosophy is to meet each customer’s expectations by designing timepieces
                                                                              as technically impressive as they are aesthetically stunning. From setting out to conquer
                                                                              the skies to tracking great explorers, passion for fine craftsmanship and human hands
                                                                              are behind every feat it accomplishes.


           1819 年 7 月 5 日弗朗索瓦·江诗丹顿的这句名言凝练了品牌的精神。几个世纪
                SL2033 南区二层 , L2, South Zone


                                                                              萨克森精密制表业的始创人费尔迪南多 ? 阿道夫 ? 朗格说:“每一枚腕表的
                                                                              40 多年来的业务中断,瓦尔特 ? 朗格燃起重振家族生意的梦想。他回忆说:“我
                                                                              费尔迪南多 ? 阿道夫 ? 朗格的人格和价值观成为朗格的精神支柱,驱使公司
                                                                              在制表领域上屡创高峰。瓦尔特 ? 朗格说:“这不单只是对腕表,而且更是您
                                                                                  SL2034 南区二层 , L2, South Zone         (86-10) 6505 0336

                                                                              A, LANGE & SOHNE: NEVER STAND STILL

                                                                              The founder of the fine Saxon watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange said that the entire
                                                                              pursuit of a watchmaker should be the perfection of each and every watch.
                                                                              After the involuntary hiatus of over 40 years, Walter Lange immediately started thinking
                                                                              about the chance for a new beginning for his family business in Glashütte. “At that
                                                                              stage, we didn’t have much,” Walter Lange recalled. “We didn’t have any watches we
                                                                              could build and sell, we didn’t have any employees, any premises or any machinery.
                                                                              We only had the vision of the best watches in the world that we wanted to build in
                                                                              Glashütte all over again.”
                                                                              The personality and values of Ferdinand Adolph Lange have become the spiritual essence
                                                                              of A. Lange & S?hne as well as driving the company to new heights in watchmaking. “There
                                                                              is something that you demand not only of your watch, but also of yourself: never stand
                                                                              still,” Walter Lange said.
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