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                必威登录大酒店任命 IVAN ALVAREZ 为行政总厨



           北京必威登录大酒店荣幸地宣布任命 Ivan Alvarez 先生为行政总厨。上任后,Ivan                       China World Summit Wing, Beijing is pleased to announce the appointment of
           将负责北京必威登录大酒店的四家餐厅、酒廊以及酒吧的全方位食品质量监测与厨                                 Ivan Alvarez as Executive Chef. Chef Ivan will be responsible for the operation of
           房的运营。同时,他还将负责送餐部、餐饮宴会的宴会运营等。                                       the hotel’s four restaurants, the Atmosphere bar, and The Lounge, as well as the
           Ivan 来自西班牙加那利群岛,02 年加入西班牙米其林一                                      extensive catering, banqueting, and room service departments.
           星级餐厅 Las Rejas 并开始他的烹饪生涯,曾在著名的米                                    Chef Ivan hails from the Canary Islands. He started his culinary career in 2002 at
           其林三星级餐厅 El Bull 担任要职,至今已拥有近 17 年                                   the One Michelin-starred, Las Rejas in Spain. In the 17 years since, he has worked
           的烹饪和厨房管理经验。Ivan 的工作足迹遍布西班牙、                                        at restaurants and hotels in Spain, Thailand, Singapore, the UK and Chile. Most
           泰国、新加坡、英国、智利等,服务于多个                                                notably, the renowned three Michelin-starred restaurant El Bulli in Spain. Prior to
           国际酒店品牌,在加入北京必威登录大酒店前,                                                joining China World Summit Wing, Beijing, he was Director of Culinary Operations
           曾就职于三亚文华东方担任厨房运营及餐                                                       and Food & Beverage at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sanya.
           饮总监。                                                                      Ivan was inspired to become a chef by watching his auntie cook on special
           Ivan 的姨妈在特殊的节日为全家烹饪美味                                                      family occasions, dreaming that he would also be able to create the
           的家庭料理,让 Ivan 梦想有朝一日能够同                                                      same happiness through his food creations. Since starting his career, he
           样用食物传递幸福与热爱。成为厨师后,                                                            has been committed to traveling the world to discover both new and
           多元的饮食文化魅力吸引着他去不同国家                                                             diverse ingredients and local cooking techniques.
           游历,探索独特的食材和烹饪方法,创建                                                              “Thanks to my work experience in countries across the world,
           他独有的美食创作“素材库”。                                                                   I have had the opportunity to study many different cuisines
           “由于我在不同的国家工作过,有机会学                                                                and I am delighted to be able to share my experiences with
           习不同类型的烹饪,我很乐意为客人带来                                                                 our guests through my food.” For Chef Ivan, the secret to
           意料之外的口味和有趣的美食体验。”Ivan                                              a successful kitchen team is about more than just skill, it is about respecting the
           认为,成功的厨师团队除了拥有娴熟的烹                                                 ingredients and being committed to maintaining high quality on a consistent basis.
           饪技术外,还要对食材尊重,以及保持稳                                                 Guests and diners can expect over the coming months stunning culinary experiences
           定的优秀品质。他将带领酒店的厨师团队                                                 with Chef Ivan leading the kitchen brigade.
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