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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2019 / 2019 年 8 月刊  15


           金卡低至 1,888 元起。
           凡限年满 16 岁及以上的在读学生,出示有效学生证,即可享受短期金卡优惠,
           1888 元 1 个月,2888 元 2 个月,购买时间:即日起至 8 月 31 日,使用期限:截
           止至 9 月 30 日,“炼”练夏日,尽在炼·工场。
           每周花样翻新不断的 60 多节专业团课随意上,尊巴、流瑜伽、动感单车等热门课
           让你健身学习两不误。更有鲜啤吧、三五堂 85 折优惠,满足你的胃!


                                                                              位于新必威登录饭店一楼的美食酒吧鲜啤吧是北京 CBD 地区颇受欢迎的精酿酒吧。鲜
                                                                              啤吧拥有高品质的精酿啤酒酿造设备,自 2017 年 5 月开业以来,其匠心巧思的各
                                                                              啤吧的酿酒工坊酿制,全由来自澳大利亚的酿酒大师 Wilson Hede 亲自参与制作。
                                                                              乐时光和周末欢乐时光。工作日欢乐时光为周一至周五晚间 5 点至 7 点,所有精
                                                                              周日午 11 点至晚 7 点,所有精酿啤酒和苹果酒一律 35 元一品脱。快来尝鲜吧!
                                                                              BEERSMITH’S NEW WEEKEND HAPPY HOUR

                                                                              Beersmith Gastropub and Brewery was founded and opened in May 2017 as one of the
                                                                              first brewpubs in Guomao. Located at Hotel Jen Beijing, Beersmith is one of the most
                                                                              popular pubs in Beijing’s CBD and has since established itself as a popular destination
                                                                              in China’s craft beer capital.  All our beers are carefully crafted in our in-house brewery,
                                                                              helmed by Aussie brewmaster Wilson Hede.
                                                                              We only select the finest local and international ingredients to create our range of regular
                                                                              and seasonal brews. Our beers are not only super fresh, but we also have complete control
                                                                              over the entire production process – from grain to glass. Look out for the seasonal beer
           TRAINYARD SPECIAL OFFERS FOR STUDENTS                              releases every month.

                                                                              To make it easy for guests to enjoy Beersmith’s craft beer, we have specially upgraded our
           Ready to shape up for the summer?  Students, cash in on Summer Special discounts   Mad Dog Happy Hour for Weekdays Happy Hour which is every Monday to Friday from 5 p.m.
           throughout your vacation at Trainyard. Gold membership packages are going for RMB   to 7 p.m. with all craft beer and cider, house wine by glass and house spirits buy one get
           1,888 per month, RMB 2,888 for two months. Make the most of group classes, the   one free and Weekend Happy Hour which is every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7
           swimming pool, a weights area and more. Plus, members can enjoy free entry to co-  p.m. with all craft beers and cider are priced at RMB 35 a pint. Come and have a taste!
           working space Prototype – the perfect study area – as well as 15% off food and drink at   Beersmith also offers hearty Western bar food, including classic snacks, soups, burgers,
           Beersmith and San Wu Tang.                                         pasta, salads and desserts, to soak up all that beer. Highlights include Porter-Marinated
           The deal is available to students aged up to 16 years old and with a valid student ID only.   Black Pork Ribs with Mashed Potatoes and Corn, and Wagyu Beef Burger with a thick
           To get involved, buy your pass anytime from today till 31 August 2019. The offer runs   patty topped with cheese, tomato, and a three-mustard sauce that pops, but doesn’t
           through 30 September 2019.                                         overwhelm. Enjoy good food at the same time.
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