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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2019 / 2019 年 9 月刊  15

                鲜啤吧全新菜单等你来享                                                   想品尝美味的素食午餐?还是想尝试独特的海鲜料理?或是想在饥肠辘辘的时候
                CHECK OUT THE NEW DISHES                                      和零点菜单,寻觅你渴望的味道,带给你惊喜的美食体验。
                                                                              Whether you are looking for classic comfort pub grub or some veggies or after a seafood

                                             AT BEERSMITH                     fix, our new menu at Beersmith has got you covered. We have refreshed the buzzing
                                                                              gastropub’s menu, adding a variety of new eats to our a la carte and lunch and brunch

                                                                                                 墨西哥卷 HUEVOS RANCHEROS

                                                                                                               玉米饼配牛油果 泡椒 香菜 2 个煎蛋

                                                                                     NEW         Tortilla with avocado, jalape?o, cilantro and two fried eggs
                                                                                                    Exotic flavours, unique taste and an endless aftertaste.

             素食汉堡 VEGGIE BURGER

             Quinoa white bean patty, caramelized onions, spicy aioli, French fries
             Healthy choices with great flavours which will make you love food and be healthier.

                                                                                香肠土豆泥GRILLED PORK SAUSAGE

                                                                                土豆泥 泡菜 肉汁洋葱
                                                                                Mashed potato, sauerkraut, onion gravy
                                                                                A meat lovers’ favourite – irresistible with a rich mouthfeel.  NEW

                 NEW           白葡萄酒煮贻贝(半公斤)

                           HALF-KILO STEAMED BLACK MUSSELS

                                  干葱 香叶 百里香 新鲜的大海味道,这里都知道。
                                                    另加 18 元即可得一份薯条
                                White wine, Shallot, Bay lead, Thyme. Always tastes fresh
                                                *Plus RMB 18 get one French Fries

                                                 素食汉堡、墨西哥卷、白葡萄酒煮贻贝现已加入鲜啤吧午市套餐系列,每份售价 98 元,再加 10 元即可享用香肠土
                                                 除此之外,鲜啤吧酿酒大师团队还酿造了农舍赛森和爆裂 IPA 等新啤酒供宾客享用。
                                                 Veggie Burger, Huevos Rancheros and Half-Kilo Steamed Black Mussels joined the Beersmith lunch set menu, these new
                                                 dishes are RMB 98 per person per set, plus RMB 10 enjoy Grilled Pork Sausage from Beersmith lunch set, which includes a
                                                 choice of one main and salad or soup, one large beer, soft drink, tea or coffee.
                                                 Beersmith has also launched new brewed beers like Farmhouse Saison and Brut IPA. Guests can enjoy the beer along with the
                                                 new lunch set menu.
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