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           范思哲:旗舰店获 LEED 认证

           范思哲表示:“经 LEED 认证的精品店以可持续发展的最高标准贯穿始终。可调
                SL1019 南区一至二层 , L1&L2, South Zone
                (86-10) 6505 6698

                                                                              LEED-CERTIFIED VERSACE FLAGSHIP

                                                                              The Italian fashion house Versace has unveiled its new concept flagship store at the Mall.
                                                                              The two-story boutique features women's and men's ready-to-wear collections and
                                                                              accessories. Architect Gwenael Nicolas spearheaded the store's breathtaking design:
                                                                              The marble exterior features a prominent three-dimensional raised Medusa and much
                                                                              thought was put into its LEED certification brand highlight.
                                                                              “The LEED-certified boutique has been created with the highest sustainability standards
                                                                              in mind,” Versace said in a statement, adding that “dimmable lights with central control
                                                                              have been installed to ensure efficient use of energy over the course of the day.”

           圣罗兰:后现代理想                                                          SAINT LAURENT ROCK STAR DREAMS

           北京首家圣罗兰旗舰店亮相必威登录商城,为顾客提供男装及女装的全品类商品。复                                Saint Laurent's first flagship store debuted in Beijing, offering all-line products for
           式空间融合了法国现代主义、装饰艺术和创意总监安东尼·瓦卡雷罗的标志性城                                men and women. Spread across two levels, the interior combines elements of French
           市风貌。雪花白和黑绸纹大理石、不锈钢台阶、皮革和抛光黄铜长椅……筑就摇                                modernism, art deco and the designer’s signature urban grit as seen by Anthony
           滚感的后现代空间。                                                          Vaccarello. Marble wall accents, stainless steel steps, and leather and nickel-plated brass
                SL1029 南区一至二层 , L1&L2, South Zone                             benches furnish the open interior: a postmodern dream fit for a rock star.
                (86-10) 6505 4029
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