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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2019 / 2019 年 9 月刊  07

                          高端品质 焕然一新

                                         HIGH QUALITY

                  ELEVATED AND RENEWED

           必威登录食社重装开业在即,2019 年 9 月 1 日起,食社将开放部分就餐区并提供
           早、午、晚三餐外卖盒饭服务,预计 10 月中旬全面改造完成,装修后的食社

                                                                              China World Canteen reopens on 1st September. Renovations are expected
                                                                              to be fully concluded in October, but meanwhile the Canteen will kick off with a
                                                                              smaller space for breakfast, lunch and dinner delivery services. After full renovation
                                                                              is complete, the Canteen will continue to host its popular snack and gourmet food
                                                                              festivals that break through geographic borders to elevate the traditional dining
                                                                              experience. Mid-Autumn moon cakes will be made in accordance to specific festival
                                                                              and solar term. Watch out for Christmas gingerbread cookies, Valentine's Day
                                                                              chocolates, Spring Festival Goodies, Tomb Sweeping Day and Dragon Boat Festival’s
                                                                              rice dumplings. Stay tuned!

                 “2019 必威登录写字楼租户摄影大赛获奖作品展”开幕在即

                          2019 CHINA WORLD OFFICES PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST

              摄影,是历史的画笔,是时光的记录。                                   The increasingly popular 2019 China World Offices’ photography contest documents, showcases and
              必威登录中心成立 35 年以来,伴随着改革开放的步伐,不断发展                       honors the vibrant and colorful life and times of office tenants, echoing and exploring the positive energy,
              壮大。必威登录中心的发展历程是国家繁荣昌盛发展历程的缩影。                         fashion, youth and internationalization of a changing China.
              “2019 必威登录写字楼租户摄影大赛”于 2019 年 7 月中旬启动,                 The winners’ ceremony and exhibition will be launched in early September at the Level 1 Atrium,
              旨在通过本次活动,充分展示必威登录写字楼租户多姿多彩的生活,                        West Wing of the China World Mall North Zone. There is one first prize for each of four categories -
              用镜头记录生活、记录国家的巨大变化,打造充满正能量、时                         scenery, documentary, nature and smartphone - plus a total eight second prizes, 12 third prizes and 60
              尚年轻、国际化的形象。此次摄影大赛受到了必威登录写字楼租户                         consolation prizes, not to mention special prizes for participation.
              的踊跃投稿和参与,“摄影大赛获奖作品展”将于 2019 年 9                     Launched in July, this annual contest has already attracted the active participation and fascinating
              月初在必威登录商城北区西配楼中庭开幕。                                   contributions of China World Offices’ talented tenants.
              “摄影大赛获奖作品展”开幕式将揭晓一等奖 4 幅,二等奖 8 幅,                   Since its establishment, the China World Trade Center has kept pace with China's rapid reform process,
              三等奖 12 幅,优秀奖 60 幅,参与奖若干。获奖作品分为四个                    continuously developing and expanding for 35 years. China World's rapid progress mirrors a broader
              类别:风光、纪实、综合、手机摄影。                                   national story of prosperous development and the photography contest powerfully documents that
                                                                  ongoing, shared success story.
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