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                                                    BEERSMITH’S NEW CRAFT BEER – LET’S HAVE

                                                    A TASTE TOGETHER

                                                    新必威登录饭店鲜啤吧位于酒店              Beersmith Gastropub, located on level 1 of Hotel Jen Beijing, is one of the most popular pubs
                                                    一层,拥有独立的精酿啤酒酿             in Beijing’s CBD area. All beers and ciders are freshly brewed on-site in and fermented in the
                                                    造设备,每日推出十余款自酿             Beersmith brewery. Our focus is quality and consistency, and we aim to give craft beer novices
                                                    的精酿啤酒。为保证啤酒的安             and seasoned drinkers alike the best experience with a wide variety of beer flavours, aromas
                                                    全与新鲜程度,鲜啤吧的酿酒             and styles.
           大师们严格把控所有流程,严选高质量进口及本地食材,酿造各种高品质的精酿啤酒,                             In addition to the regular signature beers, Beersmith also offers creative seasonal beers like
           并注重每批次酒品的稳定性。                                                      double IPA, farmhouse saison and so on. Double IPA showcases ripe citrus and sticky hop
           除了常售啤酒,鲜啤吧还不定期推出颇具创意的时令啤酒。近期,鲜啤吧推出双倍                               characters – this beer has a forceful, yet smooth bitterness and a deceptively clean finish.
           IPA 和农舍赛森,邀你一同惊喜尝鲜。有树脂、木瓜、葡萄柚皮香味的双倍 IPA 充分                         Farmhouse saison is a thirst-quenching saison, an authentic Belgian beer made with a fruity
           展示了成熟的柑橘香和啤酒花带来的浓郁水果香和花香,拥有浓烈而平滑的苦味,伴                              farmhouse yeast, flaked wheat and herbal hops.
           随干净、利落的余香。而拥有柑橘和胡椒味、清新干爽的农舍赛森由鲜啤吧酿酒师宝                              If it’s your first time at the bar, enjoy multiple craft beers all at once with Beersmith’s newly
           瑞打造,这款比利时啤酒选用了果香浓郁的赛森酵母和小麦片,并结合甘草风味的啤                              launched tasting paddle, “Welcome to Beersmith”. It includes blonde, weissbier, IPA and
           酒花共同酿造。每一口都是惊喜!                                                    porter to showcase the range of flavours and intensities in our best selections – from fruity to
           鲜啤吧贴心准备了四种口味的测试杯,助你一次品尝多款精酿啤酒。拥有鲜啤吧“见                              roasty and from crisp to rich. It is the perfect paddle to start your Beersmith journey.
           面礼”之称的淡色艾尔、白啤、印度淡色艾尔和波特测试杯,依次展示了鲜啤吧啤酒                              “The Award Winners” paddle includes pils, XPA, golden and amber, showcasing the
           的口味和浓烈程度,这款测试杯也意味着旅程的开始。而“获奖者”测试杯则包含比                              Beersmith interpretations of some of our favourite classic beer styles. The beers on this paddle
           尔森、超淡色艾尔、金色艾尔和琥珀艾尔,展示了鲜啤吧颇受欢迎的四款酒品。而这                              have all received awards at AIBA 2019, a mark of their quality.
           四款酒品均获得了 2019 年 AIBA 的大奖,是对啤酒质量的充分肯定。当然,你还可                        You can also immerse in our rotating range of seasonal taps. These beers and ciders are
           任选所有精酿啤酒和苹果酒组成专属于你的测试杯,不管在时令啤酒的流淌中沉浸自                              brewed with inspiration from the weather, food and anything wonderful.
           己,还是让天气决定喝一杯什么样的啤酒,四种口味的自选测试杯均可一次性满足!                              If you already know your favourite beer, enjoy it during the Beersmith Weekday Happy Hour.
           如果你已经从测试杯确认了自己喜爱的口味,不妨在鲜啤吧平日欢乐时光和周末欢乐                              Buy one, get one craft beer and cider, house wine by the glass and house spirit from Monday
           时光期间任性酣畅!每周一至周五,晚间 5 点至 7 点,所有精酿啤酒、苹果酒、店                           to Friday, 5 pm to 7 pm. During the Weekend Happy Hour, all craft beers and ciders are priced
           选杯装葡萄酒和店选烈酒买一得二。每周六及周日,午间 11 点至晚间 7 点,所有精                          at RMB 35 a pint from Saturday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm.
           酿啤酒和苹果酒一律 35 元一品脱。所有精酿啤酒都参与上述活动!除此之外,每周                            Beersmith also has a ladies’ night every Wednesday from 5 pm to 9 pm. All ladies who follow
           三晚间5点至9点,所有女士关注新必威登录饭店微信公众账号即可享受无限量啤酒畅饮,                             Hotel Jen Beijing’s official WeChat account can enjoy free-flowing craft beer. Come and have
           快带着你的闺蜜或知己一起来吧!                                                    a drink with your girls!
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