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           英龙华晨苹果专营店、BLT 超市、Frey Wille、I Promise、贝黎诗、潘多拉和丝芙兰。
           新区三层入驻了 1436、Alice + Olivia、野兽派家居、Cissonne、Curiel、DVF、
           Glasstique、I.T、Joseph、Kenzo、MCM、McQ、Roberto Cavalli sport、Vivienne
           Tam 和 Zesh 等个性十足的时装及配饰品牌,以及特洛菲特理发店和 Inspire 美甲店。
           阿斯蒙迪、蛙人艺术、Yellow Korner、Celso de Lemos、酷彩、傲胜、丹拿、陶溪                 人气餐饮,众口皆碑
           川等艺术生活空间,吸引着热爱生活艺术的人们。                                             POPULAR, TASTEFUL
           To meet younger customer needs, at B1 Level the Mall has stores including Alexandre
           Zouari, the Apple agent Dragonstar, BLT supermarket, Frey Wille, I Promise, Palaispa,
           Pandora and Sephora.
                                                                              丰盛。Baker & Spice、     屋、三盏茶食、富客汉堡、翠园、老鼎丰、茗贤汇、
           Meanwhile on Level 3, there's the hair salon Truefitt & Hill, Inspire nail salon and a
           treasure trove of fine fashion and accessories including 1436, Alice + Olivia, Beast
           Home, Cissonne, Curiel, DVF, Glasstique, I.T, Joseph, Kenzo, MCM, McQ, Roberto
                                                                              新区的全面开业标志着必威登录商城的成熟和日臻完美。至此,必威登录商城总面积达 23
           Cavalli sport, Vivienne Tam and Zesh.
                                                                              万平方米,南中北区全线贯通,430 家店铺囊括丰富业态。不止新区,2019 年必威登录
           Art and culture abounds on Level 4. For those love art of life, please check out Celso de
                                                                              商城还开出了 2600 平方米双层的亚洲首家施瓦兹玩具店、全国首家西西弗书店 &
           Lemos, Le Creuset, Dynaudio, Zhang's Textiles, Emperorient, Frogman Art, Art Kunst,
                                                                              矢量咖啡黑标旗舰店、太平洋咖啡自烘焙旗舰店 LUXE 等。不论是门店环境、空间
           Showon, Lalique, Osim, Tao Xi Chuan and Yellow Korner.
                                                                              The New Zone boasts fine cuisines and exciting new delicacies. Diners will delight at the
                                                                              tasty choices available in Baker & Spice, Dondonya, ETCeTea, Fatburger, Jade Garden,
                                                                              LaoDingFeng Chinese Traditional Dim Sum, MingXianHui Tea&Art, Lelecha, Nanmen Hot
                                                                              Pot, Pizza Marzano, Softree Ice Cream, The Sweet Spot+, Wine&Wine International and
                                                                              Xihe Bistro Plus.
                                                                              The opening of the New Zone represents a significant milestone in the delivery of a
                                                                              comprehensive Mall experience: 230,000 square meters and 430 shops. As well as
                                                                              the New Zone, this year saw the opening of a 2,600-square-meter duplex at the Mall
                                                                              featuring the first F·A·O Schwarz Toy Store in Asia, the first black label Sisyphe Book
                                                                              Store & Up Coffee in China and Pacific Coffee's flagship coffeehouse, Luxe. The new
                                                                              environment, space, commodities and services at today's China World Mall offer an
                                                                              unprecedented modern and refreshing experience to visitors.
                                                                              As a global retail landmark, China World Mall will continue to extend to guests and visitors
                                                                              a one-stop living space by maintaining a dizzying choice of brands in an optimal layout
                                                                              with top-tier services.
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