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                                                OF CHINA WORLD TOWER A

           日前,必威登录写字楼的优质租户“山东魏桥创业集团”成功扩租至必威登录大厦 A 座                               Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group has expanded to occupy the entire 1,600 square
           55 层整层,总租赁面积达到 1600 平方米。                                           meters of premium office space on level 55 of the China World Tower A.
           魏桥创业集团的前身是一家小型油棉加工厂,从 1981 年开始,伴随着改革开放                             A company that started out in 1981 as a small eastern China cotton processing plant
           的进程,历经 38 年的创新和发展,目前已发展成为一家拥有 2 家香港上市公司、                           went through 38 years of constant innovation and development has grown to emerge
           国内外 11 个生产基地、13 万名员工、2500 亿元总资产,集“纺织—染整—服装、                        as the world's most competitive cotton manufacturing and aluminum producing
           家纺”产业链及“热电—采矿—氧化铝—原铝—铝精深加工”产业链于一体的                                 corporation, employing 130,000 people with 250 billion yuan in total assets, two Hong
           特大型企业,是全球最具竞争力的棉纺织企业和铝业生产企业。                                       Kong-listed companies and 11 domestic and foreign production bases.
                                                                              Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group has consistently strived to become a world-class
                                                                              enterprise boasting a global competitiveness. By embracing reform and opening up,
                                                                              Weiqiao has integrated the industrial chain of spinning, dyeing and finishing clothing
                                                                              and home textiles. At the same time Weiqiao has integrated the thermoelectric
                                                                              industrial chain through mining aluminum oxide and intensive processing of virgin
                                                                              Weiqiao first hit the Fortune 500 list in 2012 to rank 273rd by 2019. Weiqiao in
                                                                              2018 ranked 43rd in the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 13th in the top 500 Chinese
           2012 年以来,魏桥创业集团连续八次入选美国《财富》杂志“世界 500 强”企                           manufacturing enterprises and fifth in the top 500 Chinese private enterprises. The
           业排行榜,2019 年位列第 273 位,2018 年分别位列中国企业 500 强第 43 位、                   Weiqiao brand has been listed 16 consecutive times as one of China's 500 most
           中国制造业企业 500 强第 13 位、中国民营企业 500 强第 5 位。此外,2014 年                    valuable brands, ranking 61st today with a brand value of 75 billion yuan. Among
           以来,魏桥创业集团连续五年位列山东企业 100 强第 1 位。不仅如此,“魏桥”                           Weiqiao's most innovative brands are Jiajia Home Textiles and Xiang Shang Sports.
           品牌还连续 16 年入选《中国 500 最具价值品牌》排行榜,2019 年以 755.92 亿                    In line with state requirements, Weiqiao has continuously updated its technology
           元的品牌价值名列第 61 位。作为一家民营企业的翘楚,魏桥创业集团先后荣获                              and environmental protection facilities, always improving its precision aluminum
           全国五一劳动奖状、全国精神文明建设先进单位等数十项国家级殊荣。                                    processing.
           为进一步把企业做优做强,魏桥创业集团深入践行新发展理念,积极向纺织深                                 As an outstanding private enterprise, Weiqiao Pioneering Group has been honored
           加工、铝精深加工领域拓展,利用“嘉嘉家纺”和“向尚运动”两个家纺、服                                 nationally 10 consecutive times including the National May 1st Labor award and
           装品牌,向下游延伸,做强做优纺织产业链。同时,企业围绕国家提倡的轻量                                 National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization.
           化发展方向,不断加大科技和环保投入,提高铝精深加工能力,保持“中前端”                                To further strengthen and improve, Weiqiao Pioneering Group will deeply practice the
           竞争优势,加快向“高精尖”方向迈进,努力建设具有全球竞争力的世界一流企业。                              new development concept.
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