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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2019 / 2019 年 11 月刊  04


                                                                              计师 Alber Elbaz 的独家合作项目,并将别具匠心的全新创意融入该系列之中,以
                                                                                  SL1024 南区一层 ,  L1, South Zone
                                                                                  (86-10) 6505 6486


           2019  秋冬,巴利以瑞士高山生活方式为基础,将其锐意进取的瑞士传统融入
           演,著名摄影师佐伊·葛特纳掌镜,在瑞士阿尔卑斯山拍摄完成。该片将巴利                                 TOD’S HAPPY MOMENTS
                                                                              Tod’s Happy Moments is the latest project from Tod's: an exclusive collaboration
                                                                              with Alber Elbaz, one of the most talented and admired designers in the world.
                SL1025 南区一至二层 , L1&L2, South Zone                             Alber Elbaz wisely reinterprets Tod’s code by adding twist, color and irony. Tod’s
                (86-10) 6505 6428
                                                                              Happy Moments illustrates the happiness Tod’s brings at different times of the day or
           BALLY: JOURNEY TO SWITZERLAND                                      different moments of life.

           For Autumn/Winter 2019, Bally looks to its pioneering heritage with a contemporary
           collection that references the mountain lifestyle. Led by Bally brand ambassador
           Deng Lun and captured in the Alps by acclaimed photographer Zoe Ghertner, the
           campaign reflects Bally's connection to its Swiss origins. The collection combines rich
           craftsmanship and a sense of adventure.


           “什么才是有 GENTSPACE 态度的温暖生活法?”由此引发出的思考,成为
           GENTSPACE 2019 秋冬系列的灵感线索。充满智慧的绅士着装,是联接当代都会
                NB134B 中区地下一层 ,  B1, Central Zone                             杰尼亚:“何谓当代男士”宣言
                                              GENTSPACE: COZY                 杰尼亚一直以来都秉承回馈社会的使命。# 何谓当代男士 # 系列 T 恤的收益将捐
                                              LIVING                          赠给一家资助教育项目的全球性慈善机构,为创造更加美好的未来作出贡献。教

                                              What’s ‘Cozy Living’ like in GENTSPACE?
                                                                                  L130A&B&C 南区一至二层 ,  L1&2, South Zone          (86-10) 6505 3008
                                              The very idea inspired the 2019 Autumn
                                                                              ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA: MANIFESTO OF WHAT
                                              Winter collection. Dress casual, the
                                              relaxing warm-toned palette celebrates   MAKES A MAN
                                              the joy of cozy living. Dress classic, with
                                              heritage redefined by design, elegance   Giving back has always been a part of
                                              takes on a brand new look. Dress wise,   the Zegna mission. Proceeds from the
                                              the outfit of a modern gentleman,   #WHATMAKESAMAN T-shirt will be
                                              takes care of his work as well as daily   donated to a global charity supporting
                                              life. No compromise between style and   an education program to build a better
                                              comfort. Dress chic, live cozy.  future. Education means openness,
                                                                              which in turn means freedom.
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