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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2019 / 2019 年 11 月刊  07

                                                                 必威登录中心举办“2019 年必威登录


                                                                  CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER’S

                                                               OFFICE FIRE EVACUATION EXERCISE

                                                                      SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED

           为切实做好写字楼消防安全工作,提高写字楼租户安全意识和应对突发事件的                                 The fire alarm rang 9:30 am on Friday, October 11 in China World Office 1 and
           能力,帮助租户进一步熟悉必威登录写字楼的疏散程序及疏散路线,必威登录中心于                                  the West Wing Office, signaling the commencement of the complex’s annual fire
           2019 年 10 月 11 日举办了一年一度的“必威登录写字楼租户消防疏散演习”。                           evacuation exercise.
           10 月 11 日上午 9 时 30 分,消防疏散演习正式开始。随着必威登录写字楼 1 座和西                      Tenants in those office buildings descended via escape routes and fire exits, smoothly
           楼内警报声响起,楼内租户迅速按照消防逃生路线进行疏散,井然有序地通过                                 reaching downstairs meeting points under the guidance of China World’s security staff.
           消防通道,并在工作人员的引导下顺利到达疏散集结地。随后,必威登录写字楼 2 座、                             Subsequently, tenants in China World Office 2, China World Tower A and China World
           必威登录大厦 A 座与必威登录大厦 B 座的租户也依次进行了演习。                                      Tower B all conducted their exercise smoothly too.
           演习于下午 16 时 30 分圆满结束,全天四场疏散演习在紧张而有序的节奏下进行。                          All maneuvers were finished by 4:30 pm as exercises proceeded in an orderly fashion.
           通过此次消防疏散演习,切实增强了租户们的消防安全意识,同时必威登录中心人                                 A key aim was to raise safety awareness among office tenants, who familiarized
           性化的服务也得到了租户们的称赞。                                                   themselves with evacuation protocols and routes.
           在此感谢所有租户对本次消防疏散演习的参与和支持,必威登录中心将会继续把消                                 The China World management team appreciated the friendly participation and positive
           防安全工作作为重中之重。                                                       support of all office tenants.
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